The Trace My Fish service has now been discontinued.

Reset Group created Trace My Fish to give confidence to consumers that their fish is fresh and sustainable.

Trace My Fish worked with fishers, wholesalers and retailers to provide independent traceability information to consumers.

How it worked

We used data provided by commercial fishers on where and when fish was caught to inform consumers about their fish before they buy it.

Benefits for Consumers

  • Consumers knew that they’re buying fresh fish.
  • Consumers knew the sustainability of the fishing methods used.
  • Consumers understood the number of “food miles” to deliver the product to the retailer.

Benefits for Retailers

Benefits for Licensed Fish Receivers

  • LFRs could offer premium pricing that reflected the sustainability and freshness of fish.
  • LFRs could become the supplier of choice by offering their customers the tools to reduce compliance costs and increase revenues.
  • Improved compliance with export requirements.

Benefits for Fishers

  • Fishers could get paid premium pricing that reflects the sustainability and freshness of fish.
  • Fishers could opt to have their confirmed green weights from their LFR automatically updated in their Landing Report by TraceMyFish to reduce paperwork and increase compliance.
  • Fishers could access their detailed historical fishing information to better target species and reduce their effort.

How much did it cost

The basic services for TraceMyFish were free for all consumers, retailers and fishers.

LFRs paid a small fee based on the weight of fish landed to them by a participating fisher. LFRs could have charged their customers for using this service if they wished.